King Arms Predator Tactical Shrike 1911 Rail (gas) - Black This Predator Tactical Shrike 1911 Rail Top gas by King Arms. 1.Frame? - Metal constructed slide and lower frame provide a rigid structure of the pistol. Deep in licensed Predator Logo and anti-slip slots on the slide gives every cocking efficiently. - Precise CNC machined internal and surface. It makes a tight-fitting of the upper and lower frame but slide moves smoothly. 2.Outer & Inner Barrel? - Eye-catching chrome one-piece outer barrel with .45ACP marking together with chrome hammer and trigger, makes it have a unique and luxury looking. - Smooth and precise brass internal barrel in the length of 113.4mm and 6.05mm diameter. Makes the shooting trajectory constantly precise. 3.Safety? - Double mechanisms give a superb safety of use. - The ambidextrous slide-lock locks up the slide and the trigger when not ready to fire. - The functional metal beavertail grip safety enhances the safety from misfiring. The shooter has to grip the pistol properly and tightly when triggering. Otherwise, the trigger will be locked-down. 4.Sights? - The metal fixed front sight and rear sight helps shooter acquire the target quickly. These sights are replaceable and allow users to custom it from aftermarket sights. 5.Grip? - Non-slip patterned grip cover is replaceable. There are ton of selections from the market for styling the pistol easily. - Glossy black metal magwell become a standard parts in this series, it helps shooters grasp the pistol in correct position accurately and quickly. On the other hand, widened magazine inlet let the magazine changing fast and precise with confident. 6.Magazine? - Metal casing double-stack magazine can store up to 20 rounds 6mm bullets. lt has a prolonged magazine end pad design, will let the magazine reload speedy and comfortable. 7.Rail? - The 20mm under frame rail provided a platform to mount additional accessories, such as flashlight, laser and scope mount base. 8.Parts? - Good sealing inlet valve, outlet valve and air transfer channel avoid from gas leakage. It offers more power and harder blowback recoil. - Adjustable hop up let users fine tuning their precise shooting range. User can replace difference hop up rubber from aftermarket parts at their preference. - Stainless steel spring guide and spring guide rod provide a corrosive resist, solid, and stable recoil system. - This pistol series available in 10 models. Combine with difference colour and slide designs. Should have one matching your style. - Other parts such as barrel bushing, magazine catch and slide locking rod are all made by metal. Suggested Energy Source Gas Overall Length 224mm Inner Barrel Length 113.4mm Inner Barrel Diameter 6mm Overall Height 140mm Weight without Magazine 800g Main Material Aluminum alloy; Zinc alloy Major Color Black Capacity 26+1 Rounds Calibre 6mm Marking Predator Tactical Blowback Action Yes Accessories come with package Gas Pistol Magazine Muzzle Velocity (UK Spec) under 350 FPS

King Arms Predator Tactical Shrike 1911 Rail (gas) - Black

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