WE 1911 Hex Cut 1911 Pistol - Black This 1911 pistol by WE Tech is one of there most unique in the range with hexagon cutouts all throughout the pistol's construction reducing the overall weight and increasing the efficiency in return. Features: - Custom WE Tech design - Length: 210mm - Adjustable hop up - Full metal construction - New lightweight slide - FPS: Approx 283. Tested with Abbey Predator Ultra on a 0.20g BB - 15 round single stack magazine The Hex Cut 1911 has a nice matte black finish on the paint and grips with a hexagon pattern cut out across it. The slide also features the hexagon pattern cut out on the front section and then stamped at the back, this is most likely to keep the slide from becoming too weak. WE-Tech have equipped all of their 1911's with a new lightweight aluminum slide to improve performance and consistency across the board. We noticed this straight away when test firing as we got through a couple of mags of BBs before the gas ran out in the smaller reservoir. The 1911 series comes with a locking lever safety and grip safety to prevent any misfires or the trigger being knocked.

WE 1911 Hex Cut Pistol - Black

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