WE KNIGHTHAWK 1911 Authorised replica of the Knight's Armament commemorative Knight Hawk Limited Edition pistol. This type uses 3rd Generation MEGAFLOW Gas Blowback internals and has a very high quality finish. Knight's Armament trade mark golf ball serrations. Knight's Armament trade mark grips. Pistol is a Light Rail frame with single side tactical safety. Each pistol has individual serial number. Trigger action is very crisp and the balance is excellent. Full metal construction with full trade markings. Lanyard ring on the butt is a nice extra. This is not your ordinary 1911. System - gas blowback, semi automatic, green gas Hop up – adjustable Build Material – full metal Magazine Capacity – 15 rounds Length – 220mm Weight – 950 grams Muzzle velocity – depending on gas used approx 280FPS with 0.2BB

WE KNIGHTHAWK 1911 GBB pistol by WE

  • Disclaimer

    Should you wish to purchase a non two-tone real imitation firearm (RIF), please email us with:

    - Your UKARA number

    - Valid UK ID and a defence e.g. Crown official, Just Cos (Cosplayer insurance), Film TV, Museum, Re-enactor, etc.

    Please email in if you have any further queries.